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How to Treat Most Common Medical Concerns – Top Home Remedies Most of us are bothered by bouts of pains and aches a few times in a year. We might find ourselves in a situation wherein the lasagna you ate yesterday left you with diarrhea, a sore throat after the karaoke party last night, aching muscles after visiting the gym, or waking up in the morning with a cough after you went under the rain last night. It is not surprising that most of us would want to move in with a medical doctor, an occupational therapist, or a nurse, so our pains and aches would go away quickly. One benefit of living and existing in an age wherein information is all around is we can get help quick and lots of it. We are going to absorb all the knowledge that we can get from this article and enjoy the benefit of using these proven and scientific home remedies. Common Cough. Many researches and studies proved that we can get rid of a nagging cough in just one night by using common chest rubs powered with menthol components. You can get rid of cough by using Vicks Vapor Rub since it is medically proven to be effective by numerous studies. In this page you can learn more of Vicks Vapor Rub uses. Dr, Jenkens, a director of preventive and alternative medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center mentioned that calming a nagging cough can be solved by eating two squares of dark chocolates. Theobromine is a strong cough suppressing drug that is found in dark chocolates. Loose Bowel Movement. Do you know that you control your loose bowel movements better than taking in medicines? You can control your loose bowel movements as peppermint is a strong bacteria killer. Even if the strongest enteric coating of bacteria can be reduced by the power of peppermint. Peppermint removes this coating to attack the bacteria better and more effectively.
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Sore Throat. Do you know that you can get rid of sore throat in as fast as 2 days? Yes, that quick with the help of gargling warm water mixed with 2 pinches of salt 3 times a day, every after meal, for the next 2 days. Before you know it, sore throat is gone. You can also use garlic cloves, about six of it, and mixed it in a glass of warm tap water and gargle it for 3 times a day as well for 3 days.
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Muscle Aches. A combination of hot and cold shower can loosen stiff muscles and remove the muscle aches after hitting the gym. All you have to do is to remember this formula, 30 seconds of hot shower plus 10 seconds of cold shower for 3 times. The slowed circulation will be reignited by the hot and cold shower combination. These common home remedies are simple, cheap, yet very effective. You won’t need to get a doctor to prescribe you with a set of drugs just to be relieved your body ailments and conditions.