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How Smiles Became Expensive

Even the weirdest of the weird fashions from decades ago always find their way back to the present. At the end of the day, it’s just a cycle. Like the cycle of grillz. Yes, grillz as in dental braces or dental bling. You’ve probably seen Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and lots more celebrities sparkling in them lately. What may be surprising to you is that this exceptional fashion accessory comes with a rather flavorful history. Want to learn more?

If you adore Kylie Jenner for her expertise as in attention grabber, you won’t believe what Etruscan ladies did for the love of fashion. History tells us that rich Etruscan females opted to go toothless so they could put in a gold band appliance in their mouths, in what looks like be earliest application of grillz. Nothing else is going on behind this except status flaunting. Read on to learn more about this fascinating part of our fashion past.

The Mayans from 300 AD to 900 AD also had their romance with grillz, but instead of using gold, they went for jade. The royals would have upper teeth fitted with the round, translucent and lightweight gems in different hues. As the Etruscans, the Mayans’ use of dental bling was limited to the elite. For the Mayans, however, jade was not only used to flaunt their status, but also to signify obligation. The royals wore their dental bling to send a message about stewardship for their people. If you want to learn more about his part of Mayan history, you can always read more books and articles.

Sometimes in 1300 AD in the Philippines, people not only filed and blackened their teeth, but adorned them as well with lots of gold. Filipinos would drill holes in their teeth so they can slip in gold pegs.

It’s always nice to learn more about this part of the history of Filipinos, who loved to don caps and plates as well, or they would simply wrap all their teeth in gold. Back then, these dental blings were known as gold fronts. Native New Yorkers of the 1970s thought of gold teeth as a fashion statement. In ten years, grillz had reached music videos.

Fast forward to the present, you’ve likely heard about the most expensive grillz ever known to man – that sinful set of 160 diamonds set in 10 grams of 24-carat gold, priced at almost $153,000!Moving forward, you’ve likely heard about the world priciest grillz to date – a supremely decadent set of 160 diamonds in 10 grams of gold purity, with a price of nearly $153,000! No need for tooth driling or filling – just visit this Dubai dentist twice at his office and let the cash roll in. But don’t worry – if that’s too expensive for you, there are less expensive options.

Is “simulated diamond teeth” familiar? This is a perfect version of the real deal and just as sparkling, but it doesn’t have the same over the odds price tag. The gold pegs can go from simple gold dots to intricate fish scales. It’s easy to learn more about this more affordable option – just search the web for anything you want to know.