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Restaurant Franchising Opportunities. A majority of the most successful businesses today are franchises according to research statistics. In order for one to establish a business franchise they must license its trademark. One wishing to venture in provision of products and services such as retail, beauty and health, they must apply the concept. Franchises are both popular and profitable due to the fact that they are already established businesses. The business, therefore, is not established as new but one that has been marketed, and its name recognized. However, one should do a research on the business they intend to venture. The importance of familiarizing with the business is that one becomes familiar with the products and services and how the business operates. In the business world today, the most profitable and popular ventures are the restaurant franchises. America is among the leading nations in having the highest number of hotels that are part of the franchise. A majority of the revenues generated from the hotel industry is obtained from them. It easy to come across a restaurant that is part of a franchise in the streets or malls in the United State. Restaurant franchises have proved to be recession proof, and most importantly they are providing a wide variety of opportunities. Some of the common ones include burger, fried chicken, burger, healthy eating franchises, coffee houses, sandwich bars and other fast foods. In an effort to ensure that they are successful and they reap big profits, the franchising companies focus on satisfying their customers’ needs and wants. Depending on one’s circumstances, there advantages and disadvantages of starting a restaurant franchise. Unlike a new start up where one has to begin everything from scratch, a restaurant franchise is usually developed. The head office for the franchise is responsible for marketing and d?cor thus giving it a head start. Furthermore those who are new to the business are offered guidance. Since the franchise benefits from name recognition, one does not need to worry about the startup cost that comes with advertising and marketing. However, the demerit for the business is that one has to pay a considerable amount of money. Loyalties also have to be paid to the business head office as part of the agreement.
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The purpose for the loyalties paid is so as they can be used in the advertising and publicizing the business. It is also a requirement that one does not just decide what to offer on the restaurant’s menu or the d?cor. Other rules that need to followed including wearing of staff uniforms and conformity of sitting plans. Business persons with creative mind are not suited for such ventures.A 10-Point Plan for Jobs (Without Being Overwhelmed)