5 Uses For Cannabis

Weedtubers: Turning Habit into Profit

Many people make money through their YouTube videos. They address many topics, such as tutorials, product reviews, funny skits, to name a few, which have made some of them very rich. One of those areas that have emerged has to do with smoking weed. The term refers to individuals who earn an income from filming their weed smoking sessions and posting them on YouTube. This has proven to be very lucrative for certain individuals.

Joel Hradecky is called the King of Weedtubers for good reason. He has garnered a huge following, of over 1.2 million people, in a very short period of just 4 years. His videos consist of many ideas around smoking weed. There is one where he attempts to smoke some THC oil, which received over 1.3 million views. His suffering as a result of his attempt was also posted online, where even more people tuned in to watch, over 2.5 million of them. It it seems people like to see how others are suffering.
People Don’t just visit his channel to laugh or see his pain. There are people who actually seek his advice on the different weed smoking paraphernalia, and varieties of weed to use.

Josh Young is another Weedtuber, whose channel is concerned more with being a resource for all information regarding marijuana usage. He is a more comprehensive resource on matters relating to weed. He frequently smokes weed live on his channel, and is regarded as a partner in the habit by many of his followers. He sometimes goes to the end and posts videos of him smoking the potent THC oil quickly, which always produces nasty reactions. He so far has 373,000 followers.

There are also female Weedtubers, one of them being Coral Reefer, whose channel hosts an interactive live show every Sunday. She tries to shoe how weed is beneficial to those who smoke. Whenever there are cannabis functions; she will be there, ready to share the experience with her subscribers.

Jane Dro’s YouTube channel takes a more sober and informative approach to the concept of weed smoking. She has an indoor growing area, where she shows her viewers the growing process and offers tips on how best to ensure your crop grows well. She also reviews different marijuana strains.

Soundrone’s YouTube channel shows more than just smoking weed, but also how to handle the munchies. Soundrone does more than review weed, other products also get reviewed. The snacks and drinks that are consumed in the munchies are some of these products. he also smokes weed as he does these videos. The reviews have shown that he is also an entrepreneur.

All these Weedtubers have managed to make this pastime lucrative. Their choice of material can spur you to do something amazing. It may turn out that you had something we all will crave to view.