Big Button Cell Phones Help Disabled Adults Use Phones With Easy

Cell phones have made it convenient for people to make phone calls from anywhere, but many who could benefit the most from cellular technology struggle to use modern day smartphones. Fortunately, basic phones are available from exclusive service providers that make using a mobile phone accessible and affordable. Many users have done without a cell phone, fearing the cost of monthly service and the learning curve associated with a complicated device. An elderly or disabled adult no longer has to live without a cell phone, as they can now use a specific provider that offers the best products and affordable service charges.

Simple Phone Plans

Most cell phone companies break down their service offerings by voice, text and data usage. This can quickly get confusing and expensive. It is best to find a service provider that lumps all service offerings in one convenient package and allows an individual to have a predictable bill amount that can be easily budgeted for. Don’t waste money on features and services that aren’t needed, when one simple phone plan can provide access to an ample minute and text message balance.

Easy to Use Phones

Smartphones help connect individuals to online content. While convenient, it can be an unnecessary expense for those who don’t utilize it. Specialized service providers supply their users with easy to use, big button cell phones that allow those with vision and physical impairments to dial a number or send a text with ease. Don’t let a complicated phone create headaches when all a user needs is the ability to make phone calls to those who matter most.

Affordable Phone Insurance

Cellular phone insurance may seem like a good deal up front, but many mobile providers charge an exorbitant monthly fee for coverage and then require an expensive deductible at the time a claim is placed. The best carriers will offer phone insurance coverage for a low monthly amount and cover replacement of the phone without deductibles that are hard to afford. Don’t let a broken phone lead to frustration when an affordable insurance plan can have any phone replaced quickly.

Choosing a phone provider for an elderly or disabled adult shouldn’t be a challenge. Check out Snapfon and see how their affordable plans and easy to use devices are changing the cell phone industry for good. Call today to learn more, and sign up for quality cell service today.