Top Uses for Linear Motion Systems

Robotics, vehicle automation, and home automation all rely on the aspect of mobility for performance. Linear motion systems are pre-designed to help these actions happen. There are many instances in which these linear systems can be exceedingly helpful for businesses and individuals alike.

New computers are able to synthesize 3D objects in a process called 3D printing. In order for the process to work effectively, linear guides are installed as part of the printer to implement motion on designed axis. The machine controller specifies how the linear systems operate to formulate the designated project.

Cars are one of those places where you’re likely to find over 100 hydraulic linear motor devices at work. From very simple to complex tasks, these systems function together to make up the modern car of today that we all know and love. For example, moving the window up and down used to be done with a crank that was powered by your own arm. Now, there’s a simple button that uses a linear system to do the job for you. These systems are utilized by the vehicle driver for actions including moving windows up and down, changing the position of the seat, disengaging the …