How to Choose Screen Printing Software

Owning a business comes with more than its fair share of challenges. Screen printing shops are certainly no exception. Unfortunately, every business is different. Solutions that are perfectly tailored for other forms of manufacturing are sometimes ill-suited to more artistically oriented shops. That’s where dedicated screen printing software comes in. Since it’s designed by people who know the industry inside and out there is no reason to worry that industry-specific details will go unnoticed. Look for a product that includes the following features:

Apparel Size Matrix

Software that includes a size matrix allows employees to input data all at once instead of entering the size for each item of apparel independently. This can increase worker productivity by making data entry much faster and improving the readability of production forms.

Keep Track of Production Variables

A software program that allows information about job-specific design and production variables to be stored and recalled later is invaluable. Industry-specific production variables such as ink colors, squeegee properties, mesh counts, and custom parameters can all be set right in the program to make keeping track of custom orders easier. This feature allows employees to easily call up the particulars of any previously completed job, saving valuable time on going through old paperwork and improving client relations.

Adjustable Pricing Control

Calculating prices should be easy. Designated software can adjust pricing based on factors such as job size, margins, and number of colors. This allows business owners to offer more competitive prices based on the kind of time and money investment required by each job.

Production Tracking

Although some more generalized alternatives do offer production tracking, other business management software doesn’t account for production variables specific to screen printing shops. That means managers end up spending more time inputting data and less time focusing on creating a valuable product.

Choose the Right Product

Choosing software that is designed a company that knows and understands all of the ins and outs of screen printing guarantees quality service. Ask for product demos and previous client’s testimonials prior to making any purchases. Some companies offer flexible pricing options, placing their products within the reach of a greater number of small businesses and start-ups. Learn how to increase productivity and profits with dedicated business management software today.