What the Increasing Availability of Low-Cost, High-Quality Laser Cutters Means for Small Businesses

Ever since the middle of the 1960s, large companies with a lot of capital have made good use of laser-based cutting, drilling, and engraving machines. The precision and accuracy with which a laser can be guided to impart energy to almost any kind of material can allow for results that would be unthinkable by any other means. Even the simple fact that no physical contact needs to be made between the targeted material and the thing that shapes it makes a laser the obviously outstanding choice for many different applications. As a result, larger businesses for which making a significant investment into equipment is not necessarily an impediment to moving forward have made regular and steadily increasing use of laser-based tools for over half a century.

Smaller companies, of course, have not historically had access to this option. From truly small businesses manned only by a single owner-operator to significantly larger ones with staff counts in the dozens, laser cutting and engraving equipment has traditionally been out of reach on the grounds of cost alone. Fortunately, that has started to change quickly in recent years, thanks largely to the tireless efforts of those who have consistently refused to accept this status quo and have sought better solutions instead.

Any answer worthy of that description, of course, must be one that preserves what makes laser-powered tools so appealing, but at a lower price. Whereas a few foreign manufacturers have designed their own cutters and engravers and sought to market them to smaller companies elsewhere, experiences with these products have been mixed, at best. From a basic lack of functionality to support that was simply not often helpful, these low-priced devices have come up short for many or most buyers.

On the other hand, there have also been companies that have achieved real success by taking a more disciplined and determined approach. A boss laser machine, for example, is the product of in-depth engineering conducted by a skilled team of experts based in the United States. At the same time, the company leverages the lower production costs of places like China to arrange for the manufacture and delivery of equipment that checks all the boxes at prices which can make excellent sense for small businesses.